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Quality, Comfort and Style

We have a wide variety of cushions that are made just for you. We have special cushions for windows and the best outdoor cushions  that show off amazing craftsmanship. When you want to enjoy the sunny outdoors, our custom-made outdoor cushions are perfect. They're made with care and come in different sizes to fit your needs. These cushions make being outside comfy and cozy. Whether you like cushions for your window benches or indoor window seats, each cushion has its own special story to tell.

Why ZIPCushions?

Your decor ideas are valid and we are here to help you achieve them. Be it for your interior space or your outdoor patio inspiration, finding the right cushions or throw pillows that fit right in is what we are here to do for you. At ZIPCushions, we can provide custom-made replacement cushions right to your specifications. Depending on your specifications, ZIPCushions has different shapes of cushions available: rectangle, round, trapezium, triangle, L-shaped, and T-shaped, among several others.

These different specifications come in seat cushions, hinged (lounge cushions), chair cushions, throw pillows, etc, among several other types. ZIPCushions is dedicated to providing you with the very best cushions by adding beauty to your outdoor space and providing replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. We focus on your needs, the right fit for your order, and the correct delivery according to specification. ZIPCushions has come a long way with its superior services in helping interior decorators and homemakers bring their innermost ideas to life.

ZIPCushions is continually motivated to provide the right cushion according to specifications. Our customers have the opportunity to order custom cushions in any shape, size, or color. With over 100+ fabrics to choose from, we can assure you that you will find the best quality cushions with ZIPCushions.

No Compromises

At ZIPCushions, we have lots of choices for people who want the very best. We always make sure our products are really, really good. This is the most important thing for us and what makes us different. Here are some strong reasons why shopping with us means you don't have to settle for anything less:

  • Unrivalled Quality: We're driven by a dedication to deliver products of unparalleled quality. Each stitch, each detail, and every material is meticulously chosen to ensure your experience with us is marked by superiority.
  • Tailored Perfection:From custom window seat cushions to indoor bench cushions, we understand that individuality matters. Our offerings are crafted to align with your distinct preferences, guaranteeing tailored perfection that reflects your style.
  • Craftsmanship at its Peak:Our commitment to excellence extends to the very heart of our creations. Every piece, be it chair cushions indoor or custom-size outdoor cushions, bears the signature of artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Seamless Fusion of Comfort and Style: Embracing comfort need not mean compromising on style. At ZIPCushions, we merge the two seamlessly, offering you an ensemble that elevates both your space and your experience.
  • Endless Variety: Whether it's the allure of custom window cushions or the allure of custom patio cushions, our diverse range ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your needs, effortlessly.
  • Expertise in Every Stitch:Our proficiency in creating indoor window seat cushions and outdoor counterparts is underlined by our understanding of what makes a cushion not just comfortable, but transformative.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Excellence: Whether you're seeking the best outdoor cushions for your patio or high-back outdoor chair cushions that redefine relaxation, our commitment remains unwavering.
  • Personalization Redefined: Say goodbye to generic solutions. With us, you can buy window seat cushion marvels tailored to your exact specifications, infusing your space with your personality.
  • Reliability and Trust:ZIPCushions stands as a symbol of trustworthiness. When you choose us, you're opting for reliability that ensures your satisfaction from selection to delivery.
  • Elevating Living Spaces:Beyond just cushions, we're in the business of enriching your living spaces. Our offerings, whether replacement cushions for metal outdoor furniture or patio cushion upholstery, bring sophistication to your environment.

Choose ZIPCushions - where compromise finds no place, and your quest for quality and comfort is met with a resounding affirmation.

Our Fabrics

At ZIPCushions, we offer premier fabric choices from Agora and Sunbrella, aligning seamlessly with indoor and outdoor needs. With 100+ fabric colours, find the perfect match for your preferences. Our curated fabrics enhance furniture aesthetics, while water and fade resistance ensure durability for daily and commercial use. Elevate your space with ZIPCushions, where quality, variety, and functionality unite.

Design First

At ZIPCushions, we make sure each product is just the way you want it. We follow the idea of "measure twice, cut once" very carefully. We know a lot about designing cushions, so we make perfect cushions that are just for you. You can choose the size, shape, thickness, and more to make it exactly how you like. You can even pick the covering for the cushion. We can even make cushions in special shapes if you want something different.



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