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Foam Facts

Learn more about the foam you’ll choose!

If you intend to use ZIPCushions for indoor or outdoor purposes, investing in the right foam will see your setting last looking great for longer


Cushions filled solely with fiber offer one of the most comfortable customized cushions you can get, it gives a feeling of ease, which can feel amazing after a busy day of work, school, or running errands. Fiber filled backs and scatter cushions work in a different way to foam and fiber combinations, they hug your figure for a cozy sit you won’t want to leave. 

Fiber fill is perfect for throw pillows, back cushions, floor cushions etc.

What makes fiber fillings so cozy?

ZIPCushions fiber-filled cushions, take hollow-fill polyester fibers and blow them into the customized cushions or customized pillows. Using the blown technique allows air pockets to form between the fibers, giving the back cushion a plump and inviting appearance. As you lean back on your ZIPCushions, the filling is compacted together and the air in between the fibers is pushed out of the back cushion, making it mould to your shape as you sit back and relax.




High-density foam is also known as polyurethane foam. This type of foam is usually thick and firm to touch. Perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor cushions mainly for seat cushions. You can also use HD foam for back cushions for stiff support. HD foam can be layered to achieve higher cushions thickness. At ZIPCushions we wrap HD Foam in soft lining or batting to add comfort and softness.



Dry Fast Foam is there for specific needs. An open-cell foam proven to dry faster than any other variants and is suitable for outdoor uses, especially for damp environments. In addition, Dry Fast Foam has antimicrobial qualities that help it withstand trapped moisture's effects and won't mold, rot or mildew. Thanks to its open-cell structure, it has superb airflow that allows the cushions to dry faster. The cushions made from Dry Fast Foam are buoyant and more resilient. We recommend Dry Fast Foam for a selection of settings, and it can be used on patios, boats, pool sides, and anywhere prone to moisture.



What will be the suitable foam for Outdoor cushions?

The most suitable foam for outdoor seat cushions is Dry Fast Foam. Dry Fast Foam is ideal for damp environments, boats, and pool sides due to its faster drying properties compared to regular HD Foam. Regular HD foam can be used for outdoor purposes as well provided some shade protects it against getting too damp. HD Foam can sustain intermittent moisture but not a long continuous exposure to dampness.

For back cushions and throw pillows, fiber fill is the best choice as it provides great comfort for your back

How is high-density foam different from regular foam? 

High-density foam stands apart from regular foam in several key aspects. Firstly, its composition is denser, which translates to greater resilience and longevity. Unlike regular foam, which offers a softer cushioning, high-density foam provides robust support, ensuring that cushions retain their shape over time. In practical applications, while regular foam is versatile and used in a variety of cushioning contexts, high-density foam is the go-to for situations demanding enhanced support and durability, such as in high-traffic seating areas 

Where is high-density foam commonly used?

High density foam is perfect for seat cushions, dining chair pads, bench cushions ottomans and daybed cushions. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. We also create a lot of HD Foam cushions for RV / Camper beds, dinettes and for boat cushions.

What is the typical life of your foam?

While we cannot guarantee the lifespan of the foam as it depends on use and care. With proper care in perfect condition, our foam should typically last you as long as 10 years

Do you sell only Foam?

Yes, we sell only foam or foam inner / insert without the outer cushion cover. Shop Foam inserts HERE

Is your HD Foam too soft are too hard?

Our HD foam is the right mix of soft and hard to give you good comfort along with stability.
In technical terms:
IFD Hardness is at 50%( kgf/323cm2) is 34 +/- 4
Density (lb/ft3) 2.0 +/- 1.2

What are your specifications for Dry Fast Foam?

IFD Hardness at 50%( kgf/323cm2) is 26 +/- 4
Density (lb/ft3) 1.75 +/- 1.8


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