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Your guide to custom cushions for RV and Campers

Your guide to custom cushions for RV and Campers

A Road trip with family or friends is always a gem of an experience. But, probably the most crucial element of any road trip is the choice of vehicle. Campers, RVs, and sprinter vans are considered the best and most convenient options, but are they comfortable enough for a long, adventurous road trip? Popular opinion says yes, but let's dig deeper!

Comfort is King!

Yes, campers and RVs come with many utilities like a kitchen, toilets, a dining space, and sleeping pads. But all of these facilities mean nothing if you are not comfortable in your space. These vehicles come with lounges and seats that can be converted into sleepers when needed, but do they even come close to the comfort of your home?

Traveling looks easy, but it is quite the opposite, especially when you are on the road for days and weeks. Proper rest is imperative to sustain long journeys, not to mention the fact that it is a chill, relaxed, and comfortable environment that makes any trip feel like a vacation. 

The science of comfort truly lies in the quality and type of your cushions and the seating foam. Unfortunately, most vehicles used for traveling do not have seating and cushions that are optimum for distant miles and that is where ZIP Cushions steps in. 

ZIPCushions: An asset to your RV

Our best-in-class comfort cushions will make you sleep like a baby as you retain the comfort of your home even after traveling a thousand miles. Our customized cushions can transform your RVs and campers into the portable bedroom of dreams. Our top-grade foam and high-quality fabrics combine to give you the perfect, most comfortable road trip experience.

We can create custom cushions for any part of your camper. You can either decide from our pre-designed cushion shapes or create your own with custom measurements to suit your vehicle. Just choose the perfect type, shape, and size to see how the ZIPCushions magic unfolds.

Why ZIPCushions?

High Density Foam:Built with best practices under the guidance of experienced professionals, our high density (HD-Foams) lets you melt right into the cushions’ soft and silky core. Apart from the unmatched comfort and extra pulpiness, our cushions are lightweight and built to last. Our high-density foams come with a lining of Dacron that not only protects the foam from disfiguration but also adds to the comfort. Apart from HD foams, we also offer Fiber Filling foams to suit your needs.

Thickness:Thickness is a major deciding factor for how comfortable your cushions can be. Thickness is measured in inches and ranges from 1 inch to 8 inches. For most cushions, the average thickness is 5 inches. So when it comes to thickness, you need to strike the perfect balance between comfort and optimum fitting, depending on your spatial dimensions. 

Fabric & Covers:All our cushion covers are made of Sunbrella or Agora fabrics. Depending on your choice, you can opt for either. With Sunbrella you get the gold standard of cushion cover fabrics. Sunbrella's weather and fade-resistant abilities make its beauty eternal. Agora is a…. You can even opt for zippers or Velcro for the covers.

Customization:Customize as you want. Our easy-to-customize feature is what makes life easier for you. You can choose from a series of shapes for seat, back, or hinged cushions. Additionally, you can even create your own shapes by just sending us the layout and its measurements. 

How to measure cushions for customization

The ZIPCushions website is built to help you with your measurements and make the entire process super easy. Select your shape and enter the dimensions (inches) in the specified field. For example, if you have selected a round cushion, you will be required to enter the diameter and the thickness. If you have opted for a rectangular-shaped cushion, you will be required to measure and enter the length, width and thickness.

Do not worry, our specified fields for entering dimensions, illustrations, and easy-to-follow steps are there to guide you.

Get your customized cushions now!

You can thank ZIPCushions for making customization extremely easy, and travel journeys super comfortable. Additionally, we offer free shipping, a 2-year-warranty, Affirm payment, and unbeatable customer service to take care of all your troubles. So what are you waiting for? Customize your RV and camper cushions today to plan that extra comfy road trip.

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