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Why do you need piping on cushions?

Why do you need piping on cushions?

Piping on cushions? This thought attracts different reactions; some people love to have piping on their cushions, while others wonder what the big deal is about piping. Well, if you’re also thinking about revamping your lounge room with new cushion covers, get them styled in piping around the edges and witness your guests going wow about them. A cushion cover with piping looks strikingly beautiful.   

Since olden times, Piping has been looked at as a design statement, but apart from being an aesthetic addition, it holds up the seams against considerable wear and tear. In the Middle Ages, only the people of nobility owned a chair with piped cushions, which were well-crafted and graceful. Even today, piping has a captivating charm, and piped cushions and throw pillows are still trendsetting.    

Well, worry not if you do not know what piping is. In this blog post, we will discuss what piping is and how it helps spruce up your decor arrangement. 

What is piping? 

Just as piping on cakes makes them look fancy and edgy, piping in cushions gives them a new look by outlining the seams along the edges of furniture, helping them stand out. Piping, also called welting or cording, is a fabric or strip-covered trim, like a narrow tube, attached to the edge of a piece of fabric. It can also be made using the cord covered in a strip of fabric to give it extra body. 

When it comes to your cushions, there are two important things: the inner filling and the outer cover. Piping adds a sophisticated style statement to your cushions, turning your plain cushions into more decorative pieces that appeal to the eye. Additionally, it gives your outdoor entertaining area a more tailored and complete look. 

Cushion piping is made in a strip of coordinating or contrasting fabric folded over and sewn into the seam of the cushion. Layering your cushions with piping not only enhances the aesthetic of any room or outdoor space but also adds to the strength and makes them extra durable. 

Coordinated Piping 

You can pipe your cushions in the same color as the cover, which creates a very smooth, uncomplicated cushion that goes well with the furniture and the entire space it is in. Or one can also go with complimentary piping, which involves picking a color that emphasizes the primary color of the cushion cover without dominating it. For example, for a cushion with bold stripes, you can choose the base color for piping.       

Contrast Piping    

Contrast piping, on the other hand, creates a dynamic and enriched look. Like if you are opting for a dark color piping on a light cushion, it gives a bold and energetic look to your outdoor cushions, making them stand out against the furniture. Also, contrast piping provides a great opportunity to add yet another enticing color to your space. If you do not prefer bold colors, the contrast piping on cushions looks equally striking in basics or neutrals.     

Can I add piping to my cushions? 

Undoubtedly yes! Layering your cushions with piping will enhance the aesthetics of your room or your very own outdoor oasis. Also, piped outdoor bench cushions decorated with additional throw cushions can spice up your entire color theme with a mix of natural and man-made elements coming together.   

Feeling inspired? We would love to help you create your beautiful and inviting space with your choice of colors and patterns where you and your guests can’t wait to relax.  ZIPCushions offers a wide assortment of custom cushions and cushion covers upholstered in performance fabrics to give your home décor a modern and elegant look.  Whatever your choice, indoor cushions or outdoor, bright colors or subdued, you can contact our team of experts to discuss your needs and get a perfect personalized experience.

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