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Cushion Hacks for Spring

Cushion Hacks for Spring

Cushions attract dust regardless of material from which they are made. And since they sit on furniture that gets used daily, your cushions can become dirty quickly. Fortunately, you can clean many types of cushions at home. Start with basic cleaning and work up to more profound methods if needed! Below are the best tips to clean your cushions at home.

Vacuum the cushions

Dust and debris in cushions detract from their appearance and are unhygienic. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to clean all your cushions regularly and enjoy a fresher smell and a cleaner look to your furniture.

To remove odor

It is easy to clean your cushions. You need to sprinkle a mix of baking soda and tea tree oil on them and leave it for 10 mins. It will remove unpleasant odors, and a vacuum cleaner can easily clean cushion covers.

Deep cleaning

Use a bristled brush to clean cushions daily. For deep cleaning, spread cushions so that you can work on one side at a time. Thoroughly wet fabric surface before applying cleaning solution. Use bristled brush to remove debris, and then use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to clean surface without damaging nap. Rinse well with a garden hose, preferably with high water pressure. Dry surface with towels or allow to air dry.

Fluffing your cushion

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If you want your cushion to be fluffy, there is a trick that most of us don't know. So pick up your cushion, hold it high in air, and bounce on it. You'll see that it will give it a nice fluffiness without too much effort.

Style your outdoor cushions with the help of this styling guide.

Spill maintenance

When you see a spill, clean it fast! Blot, don't wipe. Wiping will only smear spill farther into seams and embroidery of your textile-based cushions. 

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If a spill is left alone to absorb, it will leave a stain. Use paper towels or white, soft cloths when blotting. Otherwise, dye from spill may transfer to cushion. Wiping toward middle of a spill on a cushion will force grime into fabric and make it more difficult to clean. Instead, brush towards edges. The goal is to reduce size of the stain, not spread it around.

Dry it completely

If you are cleaning your cushions, you should make sure that they are completely dry before putting them back on furniture. If they are still wet, this can cause damage to foam inside and will result in an unpleasant smell in your home. However, every time it's not easy to know when your sofa cushions are dry. You can use several tips to determine whether or not they should be left out longer before being placed back on furniture.


With above tips, you can clean your own cushions at home. You don't need to call a professional cleaning company. These steps will help you clean cushions to enjoy them for longer.

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