ZIPCushions only offers Sunbrella Canvas-covered customized cushions because Sunbrella Canvas can withstand all of the elements without fading, it resists stains, it can be cleaned with a simple garden hose, and it simply stays beautiful longer. Sunbrella Canvas Fabric is considered the Gold standard in outdoor furniture fabric. ZIPCushion fabrics are best for outdoor cushions. It is strong and designed to withstand outdoor conditions without fading. It is water-resistant and comes with a 5 yr warranty against fading. The Sunbrella Canvas Fabric is solution dyed and 100% acrylic so it is capable of not fading even if your patio set is placed directly in the sunlight with no shade or protection from sun exposure. This fabric does not shrink or stretch. It is breathable and feels very luxurious. Cheaper fabrics will fade and look worn after a few months of exposure to the sunlight. Cheap fabric will develop “pills” where the threads of the fabric ball up or become pulled. Sunbrella Canvas is stain and soil resistant so you can rest easy when people are eating and drinking on the furniture. If something gets spilled on it all you have to do is wash the cushions off with water to remove whatever was spilled on them.


ZIPCushions put only high-density open-cell foam cushions. The thickness of the customized cushion on your patio furniture makes the difference in how comfortable your seating is. ZIPCushions recommend having at least 5-7 inch thickness for the best comfort experience, Our foam is the perfect cushion material because it can keep its shape for years. Compared to regular foams, it’s more resistant to distortion yet malleable enough to take the shape you’re looking for. Best foam for your customized cushions.