We Love To Hear From Our Valued Customers!

  • “What impressed me the most when I bought these sessions was the sturdiness of the build. Bought other cushions in the past, but somehow something always goes wrong. Whether it is the zipper going bad after a short while or the stitching coming apart due to rotting threads, there is always something. That is, until I found Zip Cushions. I could tell from the beginning that this retailer prides itself not only on the quality of their products, but the quality of their service. I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for my future furniture needs.”

Genie Desooza

  • “I have often jokingly said to my husband that our kids represent the quality and strength test whenever we review any products. Trust me, their energy is off the charts, and believe me when I tell you that they have put this zip cushion through its paces. There were juice spills, food spills, mud tracking and many other accidents. Yet, this amazingly resilient cushion took all of these punches and stood up for more. This is my definition of a quality product.”

Mary Williams

  1. “One thing us homeowners or home decorators normally take for granted is our selection of cushions and throw pillows. Some of us do not realize that in addition to physical appeal, our cushions have to have staying power. I am pleased with the selection offered by ZipCushions. I bought my last 3 sets of cushions from them and I am most impressed with everything that was offered. Just the heft of the solid seat cushions tells you of the strength. Great products.”

Shannon Miller

I was building a window seat for my window looking out to my porch, we built the window seat last month and could not find the cushion that would fit. ZipCushions gave me an option to choose the thickness and foam type which was so cool. My wife loves the new seating space!

-Timothy Wilson

I replaced my patio sofa cushions with a brand-new set from ZIP Cushions. My previous ones were ruined by the rain so I loved that they have Sunbrella fabric which performs better in rain and sun. Can’t wait to see how well they work!

-Hope Scully

I discovered ZIPCushions through one of my friend. I wanted to make the my patio chairs more comfortable so we added some cushions to it. I love how easy it was to order and they have so many color options. I always wanted a cool funky pop of color which I got with them! Loving the cushions so far!

-Haley Mason

I am absolutely loving the cushions I received. I wanted to renew my patio sofa so visited ZIP Cushions. Their customer support guided me through the process and the products arrived in pristine condition.

– Emma Timberland