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Makeovers are an important part of maintaining the looks and trends of your surroundings. These makeovers are highly essential for areas that will host parties and will have people of various tastes. People are often confused about the best way to redesign the visuals of their home and patio. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ideas that can completely change the look of your interior and exterior decor. We will also discuss various sources that can help you get all the items that we will discuss in this article.

Simple Tricks to Change the Looks of Your Home and Patio


  1. Flush the Looks of Your Furniture

It is almost impossible to change the furniture almost every other year. So, you need to think of some innovative ideas that will help you to refresh the looks of your furniture irrespective of its aging visuals. Changing the cushions is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Using bright-colored cushions will help you to divert the attention away from your dull sofa. There are various sofa ideas that you can use to depict your taste to your guests. Custom sofas come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So, you have the liberty to customize them to your heart’s content.

  1. Consider the Comfort Factor

Comfort is very important for areas that are supposed to have gatherings of various people. This is because the comfort factor varies from person to person. So, you have to achieve a universal index that will suit the taste of all the people. For this purpose, you can conduct thorough research online. Cushions will also play a vital role in increasing the comfort factor for your interior or outdoor patio. For instance, cushions of proper thickness provide improved support to the human body. Research suggests that 6-8 inches is the most optimal thickness.

  1. Try to Play with Colors

Colors are a vital part of any decoration. You must consider various factors before choosing the color for your decor. For instance, the color of any interior room will be completely different from an outdoor patio. This is because the lighting is completely different for these scenarios. You also have to consider the color of all the other assets in the area. For instance, if you are choosing the color for a dull room with relatively older furniture then, you have to choose bright to make the room more welcoming. On the other hand, if your room is very well lit with bright color walls and furniture then, a darker color cushion will make it look cozier. These minute factors go a long way in changing the visuals of the room.


  1. Discover Your taste

All the factors that we discussed in the previous part of the article will depend on your taste. For instance, all the colors and patterns that you will choose will portray a great deal about your taste and preferences. So, you must keep the choices subtle to ensure that it remains acceptable to a wider range of guests. Moreover, you always have the liberty to refer to the web to get the best decor ideas for your room. For instance, people with monotonous tastes can always use different textures and colors to increase the looks of their home and patio.

Best Ways to Buy Accessories for your Home and Patio

There are various online services like ZIPCushions that provide custom decor solutions. For instance, ZIPCushions provide custom cushion solutions that allow you to customize your home to the tiniest detail. Let us analyze some of the prominent features of ZIPCushions:


  • They use high-quality Sunbrella Fabrics that are both water and UV Resistant.


  • ZIPCushions have free design consultation to get innovative ideas for cushion texture.


  • They allow you to customize everything including the size, weight, and thickness of the cushions.


  • Their prices are very affordable to fit your budget makeover ideas.


  • They have speedy delivery services that assure delivery within 2-3 weeks of successful order placement.



The Conclusive Views

 So, we can conclude that home decor is one of the most important elements of the house. This process helps to ensure that your house is more presentable to the guests. We recommend that you must have a proper understanding of the recent trends. Lastly, we recommend our readers to consider online services ZIPCushions for all their custom decor needs. These companies will satisfy all your innovative desires for home decor.



Now that it’s almost summertime and the weather is getting warm enough for us to go out and enjoy the new season, we want to have the perfect backyard oasis to escape to. This means adding just the right furniture pieces that not only accentuate your space but are so comfortable and relaxing, that you never feel like getting up. If your cushions are starting to fade, break, or wear away, it’s time to customize fresh new cushions so that you can continue enjoying your backyard. At we help you to customize your own cushions so that you can perfectly match the aesthetic and mood you want to display. Below are 7 easy steps to take to build your own custom cushions.

Step 1.

Choose Your Style – Choose the style cushions you’re looking to build or replace, whether it be for the ottoman, bench, or chaise, make sure you’re clear on what you want.

Step 2.

Choose Your Shape – Not only do we have many shapes for you to choose from, but we also work with specific shapes of your choosing for furniture that doesn’t fit the normal pattern.

Step 3.

Measure it Out – This is where measurements come in. Specificity is very important, and we need all measurements to be triple-checked when you send them in. You’ll have to measure dimensions, thickness, and if you’re wanting pillows to match this custom cushion set, make sure to measure them out along the edge of the pillow from top to bottom as well as the width from left to right.

Step 4.

Choose Your Filling – Since we all have different preferences when it comes to comfort and our cushions, depending on the firmness and density you’re looking for, you can customize the feel of the cushion you’re wanting to relax on with options like high density, fast-dry foam, or fiber filling.

Step 5.

Choose Your Fabric – We only use the best of the best for our clients, which means using Sunbrella fabrics that come in 12 different colors. When we use Sunbrella fabrics, we guarantee that the quality of the fabric will be long-lasting and effective in fighting against fading, mildew buildup, spills, and stains. But in the case that any of these happen, we have clear instructions on how to clean your customized cushion cover.

Step 6.

Piping Design – Whether you want to keep it simple and not add an edge to your cushions or you want to add a little more color and design, we can make it happen. This is where you can get creative and add a little more flare to your cushions or pillows.

Step 7.

Are Ties Necessary? If so, we offer tie options so that you can secure the cushions to your furniture and not worry about them blowing away and going missing on a windy day.

Cushions come in various shapes and sizes. They not only add to the aesthetic of your house but also aid in providing comfort. Sometimes due to prolonged usage, the cushion stuffing may start to deflate and the fabric can rip apart easily.

At this point, you may feel like throwing them away and buying new ones. However, you can actually use some clever ways to put those old cushions to a practical use. In this article, we will explore various ways to repurpose and recycle old cushions and cushion covers to make better use out of them.

1. Create pet beds
How often do your furry friends leave their bed to curl up into yours? New cushions have a factory smell, but old cushions emit a homely smell of you or your house. If you convert your old cushions into a pet bed, your furry friends will more likely stay in their bed. You can accomplish this with little or no sewing and your wallet will be happy too!

2. Use as smaller cushions
Typically when cushions grow old, their stuffing starts to fall apart or becomes chunky. Instead of buying new pillows or throws, you can compress the filling so it can fit into a square sized cushion or even a travel cushion.

3. Restuff an old toy
When children or pets play with toys, they can rip them apart into pieces. If some of those old stuff toys have been gathering dust, you can bring them back to life by replacing their stuffing with the old cushion’s stuffing.

4. Use as insulation
If you live in a place that’s cold for most time of the year, old cushions can act as great insulation around the house. Use them between pipes or in your attic. You can also use them around your hot water tank and around your bathtub.

5. Use for packaging
When moving to a new place, we are all extra careful with delicate items. If not handled properly, fragile items or expensive furniture can get damaged during the moving process. You can use the old cushions to act as a padding between these items to keep them safe from scratches and breakage.

6. Convert into a tote bag
The fabric of cushion covers is different compared to pillow cases. Cushion cover’s fabric is pretty thick and sturdy. This gives you a great opportunity to reuse them for various purposes. Old cushion covers can be reused to create fashionable tote bags. Tote bags require minimal sewing and are great for everyday use!

7. Reuse parts of the cover
If the cushion cover has faded and is ripping in places, it will be hard to reuse the fabric. However, you can still utilize other accessories such as buttons, zips, embroidery on the cushion. You can reuse these accessories to create a new cushion cover or repurpose the items for a different project.

If for some reason, you are not able to reuse your old cushions, you can always consider donating them to a charity. Make sure your cushions are clean and in usable condition before you donate them.

These days, it no longer works to have a “one size fits all” product for any reason. This is especially true for home decor. For this reason, society is moving towards having custom-made products as the norm.

Custom-made products are becoming the norm because everyone needs different products depending on the situation. For example, a family with four children likely needs different home decor than, say, a young professional couple with no children would. Maybe the family with four children needs durable couch pillows that can withstand being thrown around the living room. In contrast, the young couple might simply want pillows and cushions that match the color scheme of the rest of the house and look good when entertaining guests.

What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has also completely changed what it looks like to have people over. Whereas before the pandemic, people likely cared more about what the interior of their house looked like for hosting dinner parties, more and more people are now holding outdoor gatherings. Because of this, people are now focusing more on their patio furniture, such as deck chairs, chair cushions, patio chairs, and outdoor heat lamps.

Because of the varying needs of different households, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming more common for consumers to order custom-made products. With custom-made products, people can choose the quantity, size, shape, and color of each product to best fit their needs.

For example, say someone tends to like darker colors and is used to entertaining guests indoors. Their couch and couch pillows are all dark blue. They recently had to buy a patio furniture set so that they can have their family and friends over during the pandemic. They initially planned on buying dark blue patio chair cushions to match the interior of their house, but they are concerned that the sunlight will bleach the darker cushions. The patio chairs are also fairly small, so they will need to purchase smaller cushions. With a service that allows them to customize the color, size and shape of their patio furniture, the consumer can tailor their furniture in order to match their exact needs.

The pandemic has also given people much more time to work on refurbishing their home and working on home improvement projects. With so much more time staying indoors, more and more people have started building their own sofa sets, refurbishing their ottomans, changing the look of their chairs, and so on. For home improvement projects like this, people need to be able to customize their own cushions to fit with whatever the latest project is.

One final reason that society is moving towards having custom-made products as the norm is due to the effect of social media. These days, in the peak age of social media, people tend to be heavily influenced by styles and designs they see on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and other popular social media platforms. Therefore, people are tending more and more to have a very specific idea of exactly what they want their indoor and outdoor decor to look like. Having products that are completely customizable give people the freedom to design their home based on pictures they’ve seen and inspiration they have gotten.

Because of different dynamics, changing needs, and the impact of social media, society is quickly moving towards a world where more and more products are completely customizable. We anticipate a rise in popularity of companies that specialize in providing consumers with completely customizable products. For people who have a specific idea of what they want their home to look like, this is good news! With completely customizable products, the sky is the limit when it comes to home decorating!

While shopping for outdoor spaces, our initial thoughts are about the frames’ material and each furniture piece’s size. However, much of the beauty, comfort, and longevity of an outdoor seating collection are achieved through cushions — so we should definitely give them some serious thought.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about selecting the right cushions and styling your outdoor spaces in the best of form by taking inspiration from the indoors.

1.Brighten the space with colors
Bright colors of cushions breathe new life into outdated or old patio or porch furniture. You can continue a color scheme already existing in the indoor of your house. If your indoor space is designed in a contemporary style, pick neutral-colored cushions or go bold with accent-colored pillows.

2.Style it up
Although it can be tempting, designers don’t suggest choosing one type of cushions for the whole outdoor area. If there is only one type of cushion on every seat around a table setting, you lose a good opportunity to incorporate some texture and depth into your outdoor living space.

You can choose 2 or 3 styles of cushions that you like and purchase a few of each. Avoid restricting yourself to the same shape or sized cushions; either a mixture of rectangles and squares can be a great combination in your outdoor setting.

3.Perfect Placement of cushions
Now in the last step, scatter your rightly selected cushions around different elements of outdoor space. Place them on an angle to break the symmetry of chairs and cushions.

If you have a bench seat or sofa, try using rectangular and square cushions for a more contemporary look. A simple rule that designers follow while adding cushions in an outdoor space is choosing cushions in an odd number for a more eclectic look and an even number for a traditional look.

Adding cushions not only brings style into your outdoor space but also incorporates a sense of comfort and luxury. We hope these tips will spark your interest to the point that you want to redesign your outdoor space. You’ll be amazed to see how you can transform your outdoor space entirely by adding a few beautiful cushions.