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The newest and freshest Outdoor Party ideas for St. Patrick's Day.

The newest and freshest Outdoor Party ideas for St. Patrick's Day

One of the most exciting holidays of the year is here, and it's no surprise that many people like you are wondering how to throw an awesome St. Patrick's Day party. With the right outdoor themes and festive decor, you can create the perfect atmosphere for the celebration of this widely loved 'Apostle of Ireland.' From traditional Irish green-themed décor to innovative DIY additions, we have curated the best possible guide to making your outdoor event memorable. So whether you're a seasoned party planner or new to hosting events, we will help you explore the many ways to throw an awesome outdoor party on St. Patrick's Day that will completely blow away your guests.

Pick a St. Patrick's Day Party theme

The 'Same Old Green' could be quite repetitive and boring. But with a few simple twists and innovative themes, you can easily rock your St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

For starters, focus on your party entrance!

A great idea for your St. Patrick's Day party would be to feature a rainbow leading to a "pot of gold." You can fill this pot with beer bottles to set the right tone for your event. Alternatively, consider filling the pot with cookies, chocolates, and popular Irish candies for a more family and kid-friendly theme.

You can also create a St. Patrick's Day Parade theme by adding traditional streamers, balloons, and marching band-inspired DIY crafts and music.

Use fun St. Patrick's Day decor

Obviously, your green-themed party will feature some classic decorations such as shamrocks and leprechauns, but to make it special, consider adding some vintage vibes with the help of traditional elements such as Celtic knots and Irish flags. Expiremrment and put up plenty of DIY elements like green cut-outs of mythical figures and popular Irish characters. 

Add a unique touch to your St. Patrick's Day party by adorning your tables with custom coasters. Consider having wooden coasters carved with holiday symbols like four-leaf clovers, shamrocks, or horseshoes to bring good luck to your guests. Another great decor idea is custom bottle openers, which can be used throughout the party and even taken home as a party favor.

Prepare St. Patricks Day Centerpieces and Accessories

Elevate the look of your  outdoor dining sets and centerpieces with some festive St. Patrick's Day decorations. For the centerpieces, incorporate green and white flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas to add a touch of elegance and holiday cheer. You can also decorate tables with green and white candies, like jelly beans and M&M's, placed in glass jars to create a playful and eye-catching display. Finally, for an extra pop of Irish flair, place themed accessories like hats, glasses, and jewelry on the tables and chairs to complete the look.

Outdoor Cushions and Seating Areas

Level up your outdoor seating areas by incorporating festive elements that complement your St. Patrick's Day theme. Start by including some  custom-made cushions and  throw pillows in shades of white and green. You can also add outdoor rugs with green and white patterns to tie the entire decor together. 

Additionally, if you are someone who is looking to upgrade their outdoor comfort within a budget to make this party an even bigger hit, try upgrading your outdoor furniture by  replacing worn-out cushions with new ones with designs that add a festive touch to your 'Big Day' and upgrade your outdoor setup for good!

If you're looking to make your St. Patrick's Day outdoor party a hit, upgrading your outdoor seating areas can have a huge impact. Custom-made cushions are a great option to consider for  improving your existing furniture, especially with designs that match the festive theme of the occasion. This upgrade can add a touch of comfort and style to your outdoor setup for long-term use, enhancing the overall experience of your guests.

"Believe in the magic of the season."


Apart from these suggestions, you can add some extra touches to make your St. Patrick's Day outdoor party more exciting and memorable.

  • Set up a photo booth with a St. Patrick's Day-themed backdrop, props, and accessories to capture fun moments with your guests.
  • To further enhance the ambiance, use green and white streamers, banners, garlands, balloons, and fairy lights to decorate your backyard fences, walls, trees, and patio umbrellas.
  • To keep your guests entertained, consider including outdoor games such as horseshoes, cornhole, or giant Jenga.
  • Serve Irish-themed drinks such as green beer, Irish coffee, or whiskey cocktails.
  • Offer traditional Irish food such as corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie, or Irish soda bread.
  • Use St. Patrick's Day-themed tableware such as green plates, cups, and napkins to complete the festive look.

You're READY!

With these ideas at your disposal, you are now well-equipped to throw a spectacular outdoor St. Patrick's Day party. However, while bringing your vision to life, it's crucial to maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics. So make sure you plan accordingly and stay within your budget to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

Don't hesitate to experiment and try your hand at DIY decor. Trust your creative instincts, and before you know it, you may even inspire others to decorate like a pro. So, get ready to put your creativity to work, and let the festivities begin!

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