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Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Fabrics

If you are looking to buy some new outdoor cushions, there are two things you need to consider- the cushion fabric and foam deeply. In this particular blog, we will talk about cushion fabrics. You should be aware of the quality, product features, and brands that provide the best.

No matter how comfortable our cushions are, that first impression always comes down to that shiny outer appearance, and that is exactly why fabrics play such an important role. They can take your cushions and furniture from being ordinary to mesmerizingly inviting and appealing. 

The fabrics that we are going to talk about today will help you create a personal oasis by bringing your vision to life . So sit tight and be assured because these brands are ZIPCushions' s personal choice

Our preferred picks of worry-free fabrics

  • Sunbrella® Fabrics
  • Agora Fabric

Why worry-free, one might ask? Because these fabrics are not only aesthetically brilliant but also highly durable and super easy to clean. These fabrics are highly durable and will last for years without deteriorating or fading, making them a smart choice for anyone that wants their beauty to last. So let’s dive deeper and see what they have to offer!

Sunbrella® Fabrics

The Sunbrella fabrics are considered the gold standard in the world of outdoor furnishing. These high-performance fabrics offer best-in-class comfort, color retention, cleanability, and lasting strength. Their secret - cutting edge innovations and a proprietary formulation. 

UV and Fade Resistant:Sunbrella fabrics are the bets in the business when it comes to effectively resist the fading and degrading effects of sunlight. This is because of the specially manufactured fabrics that are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments give them a fade-resistant quality like no other.

Mold and Mildew Resistant: These fabrics are engineered to resist mold, mildew, and stains. If accumulation of dirt/debris leads to mold and mildew, they can be cleaned effortlessly.

Easy to Clean:Sunbrella can be easily cleaned by spraying a garden hose and letting the fabrics dry. However, you can also Bleach Clean it. Yes, Sunbrella Fabrics can be cleaned with solvents such as bleach without losing their color, because their color is embedded in the core of their fibers.

With its soft, sophisticated, and trendsetting designs this brand ticks all the boxes, be it design or performance, not to mention the massive collection and categories they offer. To sum it up, Sunbrella is an ideal choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications

Agora Fabric

Agora offers beautifully crafted, highly durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean fabrics. 

One of the highest-quality fabrics for outdoor and indoor upholstery, Agora is a cost-effective alternative to Sunbrella without much compromise on quality.

These are the highlight features of this fabric:
  • All-weather fabric
  • Agora is a 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic with no color bleed
  • UV and light fastness rating 7 out of 8
  • Resistant to Stain, Mold, and Mildew
  • Abrasion resistance
  • A wide range of color options to suit any color palette

Agora’s luxurious fabrics allow you to add your personal touch with their wide array of color options. They also have three different ranges: Plains (solid colors), Abaco and Rayure (multi-striped patterned colors).

So now that you know there are so many elements to a cushion fabric, you might want to reconsider your options and go for the best. Here at ZIPCushions, we only provide the best, be it fabric, foam, or customer service; we offer the highest quality in every aspect. So what are you waiting for? Shop the best-in-class custom cushions by ordering now!

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