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7 Economical Ways to Reuse Your Old Cushions and Cushion Covers

Cushions come in various shapes and sizes. They not only add to the aesthetic of your house but also aid in providing comfort. Sometimes due to prolonged usage, the cushion stuffing may start to deflate and the fabric can rip apart easily.

At this point, you may feel like throwing them away and buying new ones. However, you can actually use some clever ways to put those old cushions to a practical use. In this article, we will explore various ways to repurpose and recycle old cushions and cushion covers to make better use out of them.

1. Create pet beds
How often do your furry friends leave their bed to curl up into yours? New cushions have a factory smell, but old cushions emit a homely smell of you or your house. If you convert your old cushions into a pet bed, your furry friends will more likely stay in their bed. You can accomplish this with little or no sewing and your wallet will be happy too!

2. Use as smaller cushions
Typically when cushions grow old, their stuffing starts to fall apart or becomes chunky. Instead of buying new pillows or throws, you can compress the filling so it can fit into a square sized cushion or even a travel cushion.

3. Restuff an old toy
When children or pets play with toys, they can rip them apart into pieces. If some of those old stuff toys have been gathering dust, you can bring them back to life by replacing their stuffing with the old cushion’s stuffing.

4. Use as insulation
If you live in a place that’s cold for most time of the year, old cushions can act as great insulation around the house. Use them between pipes or in your attic. You can also use them around your hot water tank and around your bathtub.

5. Use for packaging
When moving to a new place, we are all extra careful with delicate items. If not handled properly, fragile items or expensive furniture can get damaged during the moving process. You can use the old cushions to act as a padding between these items to keep them safe from scratches and breakage.

6. Convert into a tote bag
The fabric of cushion covers is different compared to pillow cases. Cushion cover’s fabric is pretty thick and sturdy. This gives you a great opportunity to reuse them for various purposes. Old cushion covers can be reused to create fashionable tote bags. Tote bags require minimal sewing and are great for everyday use!

7. Reuse parts of the cover
If the cushion cover has faded and is ripping in places, it will be hard to reuse the fabric. However, you can still utilize other accessories such as buttons, zips, embroidery on the cushion. You can reuse these accessories to create a new cushion cover or repurpose the items for a different project.

If for some reason, you are not able to reuse your old cushions, you can always consider donating them to a charity. Make sure your cushions are clean and in usable condition before you donate them.

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