• 7 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Cushions
  • Now that it’s almost summertime and the weather is getting warm enough for us to go out and enjoy the new season, we want to have the perfect backyard oasis to escape to. This means adding just the right furniture pieces that not only accentuate your space but are so comfortable and relaxing, that you never feel like getting up. If your cushions are starting to fade, break, or wear away, it’s time to customize fresh new cushions so that you can continue enjoying your backyard. At zipcushions.com we help you to customize your own cushions so that you can perfectly match the aesthetic and mood you want to display. Below are 7 easy steps to take to build your own custom cushions.

    Step 1.

    Choose Your Style – Choose the style cushions you’re looking to build or replace, whether it be for the ottoman, bench, or chaise, make sure you’re clear on what you want.

    Step 2.

    Choose Your Shape – Not only do we have many shapes for you to choose from, but we also work with specific shapes of your choosing for furniture that doesn’t fit the normal pattern.

    Step 3.

    Measure it Out – This is where measurements come in. Specificity is very important, and we need all measurements to be triple-checked when you send them in. You’ll have to measure dimensions, thickness, and if you’re wanting pillows to match this custom cushion set, make sure to measure them out along the edge of the pillow from top to bottom as well as the width from left to right.

    Step 4.

    Choose Your Filling – Since we all have different preferences when it comes to comfort and our cushions, depending on the firmness and density you’re looking for, you can customize the feel of the cushion you’re wanting to relax on with options like high density, fast-dry foam, or fiber filling.

    Step 5.

    Choose Your Fabric – We only use the best of the best for our clients, which means using Sunbrella fabrics that come in 12 different colors. When we use Sunbrella fabrics, we guarantee that the quality of the fabric will be long-lasting and effective in fighting against fading, mildew buildup, spills, and stains. But in the case that any of these happen, we have clear instructions on how to clean your customized cushion cover.

    Step 6.

    Piping Design – Whether you want to keep it simple and not add an edge to your cushions or you want to add a little more color and design, we can make it happen. This is where you can get creative and add a little more flare to your cushions or pillows.

    Step 7.

    Are Ties Necessary? If so, we offer tie options so that you can secure the cushions to your furniture and not worry about them blowing away and going missing on a windy day.

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